Bonjour Blanc

Bonjour Blanc: A Journey Through Haiti (the original 1992)

An enthralling journey into the shadowy republic of Haiti. The land of Vodou, slave revolution and the Tontons Macoute. In this classic account, history jostles with adventure, high comedy is touched with danger, and Haiti glows like a magic charm.


“Hair-raising but hugely entertaining”

J.G.Ballard Daily Telegraph

“Ian Thomson is such a wonderful writer, and Bonjour Blanc will always be one of my all-time favourite books. A great and abiding classic.”

Jonathan Demme, director of The Silence of the Lambs

“In Ian Thomson Haiti has acquired a new British chronicler of formidable power… This excellent book is distinguished by knowledge of the Creole language, the history and the impossible geography of this impossible country, and distinguished again by an understanding of the people”

Norman Stone Guardian

“A splendid, exceptionally detailed odyssey… Even by the standards of Latin America, Haiti is a haven of fantastical stories, and Ian Thomson – who has the makings of a major stylist – milks the country’s terrors and bizarreries to full measure”


“A trip through Haiti with Ian Thomson is an adventure… He is admirably curious as well as tenacious in following up his interests [and] writes well”

Amy Wilentz Times Literary Supplement

“Ian Thomson’s meticulous research and his courage to experience the most daunting adventures firsthand elevate him above the scoundrel category of travel writer. He is a formidable historian and a first-class journalist”

Andy Kershaw Literary Review

“As I closed the book, I felt the satisfaction of having consumed a full meal, not always appetizing but with plenty of nourishment”

William Weaver New York Times