Articles of Faith: Graham Greene’s Contributions to The Tablet

Articles of Faith: Graham Greene’s Contributions to The Tablet

When Graham Greene died in 1991, at the age of 86, his reputation as a “Catholic” writer was assured. His books reflected an awareness of sin and confronted political and religious themes with a sombre eye. From 1936 to 1987, the British Catholic journal The Tablet provided Greene with a forum for his works-in-progress and sometimes unorthodox religious views. For the first time his Tablet contributions are collected in one volume; much of the material has remained forgotten for half a century.


Articles of Faith, with useful introduction and notes by Ian Thomson, offers fascinating sidelights on Greene’s shifting attitudes to the Church…”

David Lodge Tablet

“Greene completists won’t want to be without this fine nosegay of hard-to-find occasional journalism”

Stephen Smith Observer


Ian Thomson provides an excellent introduction and running commentary for this well-made book”

Christian Tyler Financial Times


“Articles of Faith, deftly edited and annotated by Ian Thomson, gives us Greeneland in the raw.”

Eric Ormsby Times Literary Supplement

lan Thomson’s collection of Greene’s work for the Catholic weekly The Tablet is aimed at the religious market: Greene’s doubts, Greene’s views on Pope John Paul II, Greene wondering whether the Roman Curia doesn’t remind him of the Politburo and so on. Its incidental effect, though, is to remind you what a brilliant critic of fiction Greene was, capable of using the most mundane novel to pronounce some general truth about how books get written.”

D.J.Taylor Sunday Times